The Sikan mix is ​​born in the heart of Sicily from a mixture, precisely, of ancient Sicilian grains. The Sikan mix is ​​characterized by countless beneficial properties. It is highly digestible, free of glyphosates, low in mycotoxins, low in gluten and with a low glycemic index. Ideal for the preparation of pizza and bread dough, it guarantees excellent yield and fragrance.


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We are very proud to share the article that the well-known Palermo blog BALARM wrote about us and about our blend of Sicilian ancient wheat flours.

Healthy, digestible and sustainable: the “Sicani blend” is born from ancient Sicilian grains
From the Sicilian hinterland comes “Sikan”, a mixture of ancient Sicilian wheat flours selected from the 26 certified varieties of the island: the history of Sikan Grains.

Healthier for the body because they do not need any type of herbicide to grow, easily digestible because they contain a low percentage of gluten which makes them suitable even for those who are intolerant, more sustainable because they are grown in full compliance with the biological rhythms of the land , keeping high the percentages of proteins, mineral salts and vitamins.

To possess all these qualities are the ancient Sicilian grains, that is those varieties of grains that up to a century ago grew luxuriant on the island and which naturally changed over the centuries before the advent of the industrial age.

Ancient grains that today are brought to light by numerous companies with the aim of enhancing the products of the territory and of the local tradition. Among these stands out “Sikan Grains”, a company made in Sicily that rises in the Sicilian hinterland with the aim of raising the name of the people of the Sicani and of “their” flagship product: ancient grain flour, for the precisely.

In fact, a production chain starts from here that reduces the distance between producer and consumer, using only the “fruits” collected from Sicilian lands, selecting the best varieties of ancient grains from around 26 certified types and working them with mills for customized stone grinding. .

Thus was born the blend of ancient Sicilian stone-milled flours signed “Sikan”: a blend that preserves all the health properties of these grains.

To make this blend so precious is also the favorable climate of Sicily. Inland, where the grains grow naturally, there are no mycotoxins, nor herbicides. This allows you to bring to the table products made with a highly digestible flour, particularly suitable even for gluten intolerant.

The ancient organic grains that make up the “Sikan” mix are ideal for the preparation of bread and pizza doughs with a fragrant taste and irresistible crunchiness.

The company’s ambitious project is to offer the market a high quality, good, sustainable and healthy product, thus inserting the “Sikan” blend among the best mix of Sicilian ancient grains, strictly respecting tradition and innovation.

For more information, you can contact the company by visiting website by consulting the Facebook profile and the Instagram page