The Sikan mix is ​​born in the heart of Sicily from a mixture, precisely, of ancient Sicilian grains. The Sikan mix is ​​characterized by countless beneficial properties. It is highly digestible, free of glyphosates, low in mycotoxins, low in gluten and with a low glycemic index. Ideal for the preparation of pizza and bread dough, it guarantees excellent yield and fragrance.


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The Sicilian Ancient Grains that we carefully select from protected agriculture to create our Mix, have kept intact the flavor, color, properties and genetic composition of those same grains that were grown in Sicily as early as 3000 BC.
In fact, the adjective Ancient is not used by chance. Antico is synonymous with healthy, a product that has therefore maintained its authenticity and its natural biological side.
Therefore, replacing ancient wheat flours for the consumption of modern grains brings a series of very important benefits for our diet. Often, however, these benefits are either underestimated or are unknown to most. This is why in this article today we list the six reasons why it is worth choosing our flours.
1. From a nutritional point of view, our ancient Sicilian grains are characterized by a more balanced relationship between gluten and starch, which makes them lighter and more digestible;
2. Our Mix is ​​particularly suitable for those with slight gluten intolerances;
3. The different cultivation method compared to modern grains makes our grains more natural and healthy, as they are not treated with chemical fertilizers or other forms of genetic alteration for the purpose of increasing their production;
4. The grinding of the ancient Sicilian grains that we select takes place only in stone with the aim of maintaining high levels of fiber, mineral salts and vitamins inside,
5. Choosing the Sikan Mix means being part of a process of preserving the biodiversity of ancient grains and awarding an artisan supply chain to support local economies, a hand to the planet and to take care of one’s health,
6. One last aspect concerns the goodness of the product that is obtained with our flours. Preparing fresh pasta, bread, pizza, focaccia and other baked products with Sikan flours means feeling the difference in taste and quality from the very first taste.

Choosing Sikan Flours means choosing the Tradition, Experience and Dedication of the true fruit of the earth.