The Sikan mix is ​​born in the heart of Sicily from a mixture, precisely, of ancient Sicilian grains. The Sikan mix is ​​characterized by countless beneficial properties. It is highly digestible, free of glyphosates, low in mycotoxins, low in gluten and with a low glycemic index. Ideal for the preparation of pizza and bread dough, it guarantees excellent yield and fragrance.


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In recent years, the varieties of ancient grains present throughout the national territory have increasingly conquered the seed market, up to reaching our tables.

It is not about fashion, but about a conscious healthy choice that has inevitably created a trend in the food sector.

But what exactly is meant by ancient grains?

“An ancient wheat variety generally means a variety that has not undergone hybridization processes”.

The debate on ancient grains between research, health, nutrition, sustainability and new market perspectives… has become increasingly topical. Above all, we are trying to understand how it is possible that the effects that the latter exert on the body’s metabolism are true.

The bombardment of information on these issues, especially online, often causes confusion, leading in the most extreme cases to exclude ancient grains from one’s diets.

For this reason we have decided to write this article today, to reiterate that we at Sikan have chosen to go back to the origins and therefore to dedicate our time and our money to the well-being of all of you, our customers.

We do not hide from you that ours is a battle, as our final goal has always been ambitious:

“Don’t live longer, but live healthier for longer”.

This is our mood, the one that makes us stand up every morning and say “I do the best job in the world: I help people feel good with a small gesture, thanks to what I produce”.

Thus reactivating the certification process of the production chain of ancient Sicilian grains, we have decided to dispel any fake news about it and to be involved in a process that aims to bring to light the concept that eating well and healthy is possible, through the rediscovery ancient Sicilian grains, preferably Sikan branded. Seeing is believing.