The Sikan mix is ​​born in the heart of Sicily from a mixture, precisely, of ancient Sicilian grains. The Sikan mix is ​​characterized by countless beneficial properties. It is highly digestible, free of glyphosates, low in mycotoxins, low in gluten and with a low glycemic index. Ideal for the preparation of pizza and bread dough, it guarantees excellent yield and fragrance.


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The soul of flours made in Sikan is stone milling.

The soul of flours made in Sikan is stone milling.

The soul of our flours is created from the stone milling of ancient grains that we select with care and love, coming exclusively from selected Sicilian lands.

With a unique scent and flavor, the result of biodiversity, Sikan flours have an irregular, full-bodied grain size and keep the noblest and tastiest part of the seed intact, thanks to stone milling.

They are ideal for baking and pasta making, they can also be used in the kitchen for the production of desserts.

Aware of the fact that the consumer today is increasingly attentive to the genuineness of agri-food products, we at Sikan, who strongly embrace the establishment of a healthy diet as the first step to take to live better and healthily, certainly cannot disappoint them.

For this reason we are committed to enhancing the entire production chain up to the production of finished products such as flour and tongues, because Sikan is above all a lifestyle.

We have chosen stone milling for our grains, as this does not cause the grain of wheat to overheat during the grinding process and allows us to obtain flours with a high content of pure fiber, vitamins, proteins and mineral salts. This is how our flours preserve all the organoleptic heritage of the seeds. Choosing stone ground flours means preventing widespread diseases such as diabetes, obesity, ischemic strokes, cholesterol and many more …

Discovering simple, genuine and healthy products like those of the past is possible. What are you waiting for, find out more about the Sikan world and follow us on social networks to stay updated on curiosities and recipes.