The Sikan mix is ​​born in the heart of Sicily from a mixture, precisely, of ancient Sicilian grains. The Sikan mix is ​​characterized by countless beneficial properties. It is highly digestible, free of glyphosates, low in mycotoxins, low in gluten and with a low glycemic index. Ideal for the preparation of pizza and bread dough, it guarantees excellent yield and fragrance.


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  •   The Sikan mix is ​​a true concentration of well-being. Obtained only from ancient Sicilian cereals, it preserves all the health properties typical of ancient organic cereals. First of all it is important to say that the vast majority of cereals coming from abroad (and contained in many commonly used products) are grown with the use of glyphosate, a chemical herbicide that is very harmful to health. Ancient grains, on the other hand, are naturally more resistant and therefore do not require herbicides to grow and mature. Moreover, thanks to the

  • We are very proud to share the article that the well-known Palermo blog BALARM wrote about us and about our blend of Sicilian ancient wheat flours. Healthy, digestible and sustainable: the "Sicani blend" is born from ancient Sicilian grains From the Sicilian hinterland comes "Sikan", a mixture of ancient Sicilian wheat flours selected from the 26 certified varieties of the island: the history of Sikan Grains. Healthier for the body because they do not need any type of herbicide to grow, easily digestible because they contain a low percentage of gluten which makes

  • In the splendid setting of the Bio Resort Fontes Episcopi in Aragona (Agrigento), the book by the author Alberto Saibene: "The most beautiful town in the world" was presented. As part of this initiative organized by the FAI delegation of Agrigento, the Sikan company took care of and offered the refreshment buffet to the participants in the event. An opportunity to taste Sikan products and to tell the story, the taste, the tradition of bread made as it once was and other products of sicilian bread making. Happy to have participated in

  • The Sicilian Ancient Grains that we carefully select from protected agriculture to create our Mix, have kept intact the flavor, color, properties and genetic composition of those same grains that were grown in Sicily as early as 3000 BC. In fact, the adjective Ancient is not used by chance. Antico is synonymous with healthy, a product that has therefore maintained its authenticity and its natural biological side. Therefore, replacing ancient wheat flours for the consumption of modern grains brings a series of very important benefits for our diet. Often, however, these benefits

  • Through the Sikan brand products, we tell you the story of our land, Sicily. What we want to convey is the passion with which we invest time, resources and money every day to guarantee you genuine organic products that care about your health. The love for the fruits of nature has led us to preserve the traditional Sicilian seeds and specifically the ancient grains, in order to make them available to those who appreciate bread-making products with an ancient and genuine flavor. We are dedicated to the cultivation and production of ancient

  • Cereal of ancient origins, wheat is the basis of our diet. Often the products we find on the shelves of the shops are made with very refined modern wheat varieties, and this applies as much to pasta as to the beloved bakery products, which are an important part of our culinary tradition.   So how is it possible to reconcile good nutrition with the choice of healthy products? One solution is to rediscover the use of ancient grains and cereals in the kitchen. For this reason, we at Sikan have decided to invest in the

  • SIKAN INVESTS IN THE FUTURE BY GROWING ONLY ANCIENT GRAINS FROM THE BEST SICILIAN SOILS.   We care about your health.   For this reason, when we decided to undertake the ambitious project of reviving ancient grains, we chose only the best Sicilian soils for their cultivation. Just like human health, the quality and health of our land is also important to us. We have realized that the damage inflicted by the modern model of industrialized agriculture is enormous and that intensive production and modern technology have made crops vulnerable to climate change and increasingly prone

  • ANCIENT GRAINS: THE GENUINITY YOU LIKE      In recent years, the varieties of ancient grains present throughout the national territory have increasingly conquered the seed market, up to reaching our tables. It is not about fashion, but about a conscious healthy choice that has inevitably created a trend in the food sector. But what exactly is meant by ancient grains? "An ancient wheat variety generally means a variety that has not undergone hybridization processes". The debate on ancient grains between research, health, nutrition, sustainability and new market perspectives… has become increasingly topical. Above all, we are

  • LITTLE HISTORY OF SICILIAN ANCIENT GRAIN CULTURE AND CULTURE No other plant has influenced human history like wheat. From the Neolithic to the present day, wheat has profoundly marked and influenced the assets of social and political geography. In fact, the history between man and wheat is lost in time so much so that we can say that "there would have been no history of man without wheat, nor history of wheat without man". The importance of wheat as a basic sustenance of human nutrition is not new, what leaves us pleasantly surprised is

  • The soul of flours made in Sikan is stone milling. The soul of our flours is created from the stone milling of ancient grains that we select with care and love, coming exclusively from selected Sicilian lands. With a unique scent and flavor, the result of biodiversity, Sikan flours have an irregular, full-bodied grain size and keep the noblest and tastiest part of the seed intact, thanks to stone milling. They are ideal for baking and pasta making, they can also be used in the kitchen for the production of desserts. Aware of the

  • We have already told you how important it is for us at Sikan to offer all our customers products that are good for health. Because eating well is good! Until recently it was thought that ancient grains were in danger of extinction, in reality Sicily, a land where we exclusively cultivate our grains, is a region that is very suitable for this crop. Thanks to its particular geographical position, it has climatic and microclimatic conditions that allow us to grow different types and varieties of wheat. Today we want to talk to you

  • Over the years, wheat has undergone genetic changes such as to have increased the amount of gluten present in modern seeds. It is not surprising, therefore, that more and more people today have a certain sensitivity to gluten and that in the most extreme cases they decide to remove it forever from their diet. However, this is not the only possible alternative