The Sikan mix is ​​born in the heart of Sicily from a mixture, precisely, of ancient Sicilian grains. The Sikan mix is ​​characterized by countless beneficial properties. It is highly digestible, free of glyphosates, low in mycotoxins, low in gluten and with a low glycemic index. Ideal for the preparation of pizza and bread dough, it guarantees excellent yield and fragrance.


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Where you can find us

Do you want to try Sikan Grains flour products, but don’t know where to find them?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you! Below you will find all the bakeries and pizzerias that use our fine blend:

In Sicily

  Panificio Chiarelli – Via Nazionale, 18, 92020 – Racalmuto (AG)

  Pizzeria Il Carretto – Pizza Umberto I, 35 – 92020 Racalmuto (AG)

  Panificio La Playa Licata

  Antica Forneria Don Fofo’, Via Mazzini, 72, 92100 Agrigento (AG)

  Panificio biscottificio San Calogero di Nocilla Michele, Via Cappuccini 125, 92019, Sciacca (AG).

  Panificio F.lli Canta, Corso Sicilia, 92020 Palma di Montechiaro (AG).

  Panificio Cummo di Carmen Montagna, Via Fasci Siciliani 28, 92024 Canicattì (AG).

  Panificio Pilato, Via Rina, 101, 92010 Realmonte (AG).

  Panificio Falsone, Via Solferino, 42, 92023 Campobello di Licata (AG).